Student Guide (Where to GO)

Academic Advising    Student Support Advisor 
Academic History/Information 

 Student Support Advisor 

Academic Dismissal Appeals  Student Support Advisor  
Attendance Appeals


Academics Records  Registrar
Account Information  Student Support Advisor  
Add/Drop a Course

 Student Support Advisor   

Address/Name Change  Student Portal
Alumni Information  Career Services
Attendance Information 


Billing Information  Student Support Advisor  
Bulletin Board Posting Approval  Student Support Advisor  
Bus Schedules   Student Support Advisor  
Carpool Information  Student Support Advisor 
Catalog   Admissions
Copy Machine/Printer

 Copy Center

Disabilities- Accommodation and Information   Student Support Advisor  
Email/Internet Access Issues  IT Help Desk
Emergency Message SIREN  Student Portal
Employer Tuition  Student Support Advisor 
Employment/Career Information    Career Services
Federal Work Study   Student Support Advisor 
Financial Assistance  Student Support Advisor
GI Bill/Veteran's Affairs Benefits  Student Support Advisor 
Grade Appeals  Program Dean
Grades  Degree Works
Graduate Employment Info   Career Services
Graduation Information  Registrar
Guest Passes  Admissions
Health Insurance  Student Support Advisor 
Housing Information/Issues  Student Support Advisor 
Job Search   Career Services
International Student Information  Student Support Advisor 
Interrupting from School for a Session   Academic Advisor
Lab Equipment   IT Help Desk
Login/Network Access Issues  IT Help Desk
Lost and Found   Student Support Advisor 
Medical Directory/Information  Student Support Advisor 
Proficiency Exams  

 Student Support Advisor  

Registration for Continuing Students 

 Student Support Advisor  
 Degree Works

Return to DeVry  Student Support Advisor
Schedule Viewing  DegreeWorks
Scholarship Information   Student Support Advisor  
Student Activities  Student Support Advisor 
 Student Activities Association
Student ID    Student Support Advisor  
Transcript   Registrar
Transcript Evaluation   Registrar
Transfer to Another DeVry   Student Support Advisor  
Transfer to Another School  Student Support Advisor  
Tutoring  Library    
Vehicle Assistance   Facilities
Vending Machine Refunds

 Yvonne Trujillo, Operations

Verification of Enrollment   Registrar
Veteran's Assistance

 Sue Johnson, Student Central

Vocational Rehab Benefits   Student Central
Withdrawal from DeVry

 Student Support Advisor  

Work Study Job Postings  Career Services

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