Student Activities Association

DeVry University campuses offer a wide range of activities and organizations in which students can participate. The Student Activities Association (SAA) is a non-profit organization which plans and implements such events.

The diversity and number of clubs are determined by student (located in Student Central) interest.  Information on how to form a new club is available in the Student Services Office.  Additional activities in which students can participate may include producing the school newspaper, skiing, computer gaming, attending professional sporting events, participating in sports leagues (i.e. softball, basketball, etc.), attending on-campus food events, volunteering with community service projects, competing in on-campus tournaments, and so much more.

Clubs and activities reflect students' interests at each campus and may change periodically. Questions concerning student activities, as well as suggestions for new clubs, can be addressed with Student Services.

We are dedicated to providing you with an exciting and fun campus life while in attendance at DeVry.  So come on out and join us for some exciting adventures!

SAA is supported by the energy and dedication of our Student Central Federal Work Study Team!  Please contact your SAA representatives today!

Dawn Bennett

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