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A variety of resources are available to assist students in realizing their career goals through the Career Services office. Along with the availability of a professional staff of advisors to assist you in discussing a wide range of career related questions, the Career Services department also provides listings of job leads and company names for those students currently seeking employment. The Career Services Office encourages all students to take an active role in their job search prior to Graduation. DeVry University cannot guarantee automatic employment, and active involvement with Career Services is essential to success. Students who wish to relocate to another city may use the Career Services of the school that is located in that region.

Services Provided By Career Services

  • My Compass to My Career - an interactive online portal that helps guide students to develop employment-seeking competencies and prepare for the competitive nature of the job search. To access My Compass to My Career, go to (your student portal) and select Career Services, then select My Compass to My Career.
  • Confidential, individualized career advising services
  • Resume consultation - tips on building a solid resume as well as examples of various resume formats
  • Job search correspondence consultation (cover letter, follow-up, references, etc.)
  • Interviewing - tips and techniques to prepare for and manage the interview process so that you can stand out among your competition.
  • Access to job leads and company information
  • Availability of career development reference materials
  • Walk-in appointments
  • On-Campus Job/Career Fairs & Networking Events   
  • Work Study positions
  • Co-op & Internship positions 
  • Alumni Assistance
  • Guest-Speaking Opportunities

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Do any of these statements apply to you? If so, you may want to consider career advising.

  • I am graduating soon and I want to explore employment opportunities related to my field of study.
  • I am having trouble finding a job.
  • I want to negotiate a raise or promotion within my current organization.
  • I have been out of the workforce for several years.
  • My employer recently downsized and I am now or will soon be looking for work.
  • I have not put together a resumé or interviewed in a long time!

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Who should utilize Career Services?

Any student enrolled or a graduate of DeVry University is welcome to meet with an advisor. Depending on your status within your educational program, a variety of services will be provided to you.  Whether you are returning to school for a career change, a career upgrade or are seeking promotional opportunities within your current company, a confidential career advising session may benefit you!

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Federal Work Study

Students may be eligible for employment through Federal Work Study (FWS) on campus as well as with contracted outside employers. Students are limited to 20 hours each week in the FWS Program with pay usually being between $8-10 per hour. See a Career Advisor or Financial Aid Advisor for more information and eligibility requirements.

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Career Events

Career events are held regularly at each campus and may enable students to meet and talk with local recruiters. Visit the Career Services office for details on upcoming career events.  See the Career Services office for the next event date!

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