Westminster Faculty

Edward Polak

  • Electronics Department
  • 303-280-7462, epolak@devry.edu
  • Academic degrees and credentials
    • MS in Information Systems Security, Colorado Technical University
    • MBA with emphasis in Project Management, Colorado Technical University
    • MS in Computer Information Systems, University of Phoenix
    • BS in Accounting and Computer Management Science, Metropolitan State College
  • Courses taught
    • COMP 122 & 220, C++ programming language
    • CET 431, Java Distributive System
    • CET 381, Software Engineering Project Management
    • CET 415, Database Management
    • CET 375, Data Structures
    • CET421, Operating Systems
  • Teaching Style
    • I take a collaborative and hands-on approach to teaching. I believe learning is at its best when ideas and solution arise from one another. The life experiences and beliefs of the students are what give us the unique electronic and programming solutions to improve and save time in our daily lives.
  • Interests and hobbies
    • Black and White Photography
    • Golf
    • Animals
    • Live music
  • Industry experience
    • Security Consultant
    • Systems Administrator and Programmer Commercial, Non-Profit, Federal, State and Local government entities

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