Westminster Faculty

Louis Freese

  • General Education Department (Mathematics)
  • 303-280-7454, lfreese@devry.edu
  • Academic degrees and credentials
    • M.A Mathematics Education, Columbia Teachers College
    • B.S. Information Technology, DeVry University
    • B.A Mathematics, Kenyon College
    • Colorado State teaching license for secondary math and elementary education
  • Courses taught
    • Math 270, Applied Calculus II
    • Math 260, Applied Calculus I
    • Math 221, Statistics
    • Math 190, Statistics for Engineers
    • Math 032, Elementary Algebra
    • Math 092/102, Intermediate Algebra
    • Math 104/114, College Algebra
  • Teaching Style
    • I like students to be active in my classroom. I believe that students learn math best by doing it. I will spend 20 to 30 minutes demonstrating new skills. I try to lay out very clearly how to solve problems step by step progressing from easier to more complicated problem types. This will be followed by students working problems while I circulate around the room helping out as needed. I also very often have my students working on more complex projects and/or application type problems that require them to not just know the math but be able to apply the math and learn the underlying conceptual base for the mathematics.
  • Interests and hobbies
    • Travel, the theater, reading, collecting folk art animals, writing non-fiction memoirs, skiing, hiking, the Broncos

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