Westminster Faculty

Barbara Bates

  • General Education Department (Social Sciences)
  • 303-280-7434, bbates@devry.edu
  • Academic degrees and credentials
    • PhD candidate in Educational Leadership and Innovation - U. of Colorado at Denver
    • MA in Educational Psychology - U. of Colorado at Denver
    • Teaching Certificate in secondary science - Metropolitan State College - Denver
    • BS in Physical Medicine - U. of Wisconsin
  • Courses taught
    • Psychology
      • Introduction
      • Social
      • Leadership and Motivation
    • Critical Thinking
  • Teaching Style
    • INTERACTIVE: Learning is not a spectator sport. Students need to be engaged with the information, the process, and the social interaction among students and teacher in order to effectively learn. I believe that knowledge is power; the more a student knows about themselves and others, the more options and choices (s)he has for educational goals, relationships, and career decisions. I value the varied life experiences students bring to the learning environment and seek to weave those experiences into the learning process; connecting new knowledge to previous experiences helps make the information usable in real life and easier to apply at work and school.
  • Interests and hobbies
    • I love sports; skiing, rollerblading, hiking, camping, and bicycling are my favorites. I love to read; we don't have a television at home so reading is a primary past time for information and pleasure.
    • I work on a project to bring computers, technology, and books to 10 public schools in Meru, Kenya.

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